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CGS Enterprises has developed custom homes, additions and remodels throughout the Tampa area for over three decades, and while real estate in Florida has changed over time, our commitment to excellence has not.

Since 1973, CGS Enterprises has been a family run and operated business, spanning three decades and two generations.   Throughout the years, our clients have been served well by our four key pillars of success:

Attention to Detail

The details are what differentiate a great job from a decent one.  We know what to look for and what matters, providing you a completed project you can be proud of. 

Clear Communication

Through a detailed planning process that is followed up with clear and consistent communication throughout the project, you avoid surprises and that horrible feeling of not knowing what is going on, or what the next steps are. 

Respectful Workplace

We treat our team and vendors with respect, and expect them to do the same.  Your project deserves the highest level of care.

Above and Beyond

We never settle for anything less than our best, and by constantly striving to improve you can be assured that your project will be completed in a timely and professional manner. 

About Bill Sheehan

The integrity of the Construction Industry is paramount to William “Bill” Sheehan. He is willing to give his time voluntarily to improve the industry through monitoring and regulation of all aspects of construction and contractors in Florida. In order to provide that level of vital community service he was appointed by Governor Charlie Crist to the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB). He served 12 years both as a board member and as Chairman, and Bill is currently serving on the Pinellas County Construction Industry Licensing Board(PCCLB).

A job is meant to be done the right way, from start to finish. If you just do that, things work out as intended

Bill Sheehan, Founder

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